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COVID-19 Procedures



Here you can find the latest updates on our response to coronavirus and resources to help you limit the spread of COVID-19 during your booking.


Amaakin Cleaning Standards

According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), Coronavirus may spread through touching infected surfaces. Now more than ever, a clean space matter. We have given Hosts guidelines to help keep their spaces clean. 

All hosts are required to do the following prior to each booking:


Suggested COVID-19 Measures


Host Information

Hosts can add details about how they clean their space and what cleaning amenities they have for guests. These details may be available on the venue page.


Protecting yourself during a booking

According to (MOH), the coronavirus mainly spreads through person-to-person contact. Here is how you can limit your exposure during your booking.

Maintain physical distance

The golden rule is to stay at least six feet apart from anyone you do not live with.

Wear a mask

All attendees should wear a mask that covers both their nose and mouth while indoors or near one another.

Open windows and doors

Increasing outdoor air ventilation can help minimize risk. If there’s outdoor space, stay outside if you can.

Wash your hands

And frequently. Use warm water and soap and wash for at least twenty seconds. If water and soap are not available, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.



How can I find listings that are taking additional measures?

You will find which additional measures the host is taking on the venue page. 

Who is responsible for providing personal protective gear?

To ensure the safety of every individual, we ask that you be responsible for your own face mask. Some hosts may provide personal protective equipment, and it will be mentioned on the venue page. 

What can my attendees and I do to stay safe during a booking?

Wear a mask, increase outdoor air flow, maintain physical distance, and wash your hands. You can see more details in our guidelines above.

What should I do if I think the space has not been cleaned when I arrive?

Make sure to document the condition of the space and reach out to admin@amaakin.com  no later than 72 hours after your booking start time.